Why You Should Hire Us

Question: I have a good eye and good taste...so why should I hire you?

Answer: An Interior designer has the aesthetic, practical and technical expertise in all the elements that make up an interior environment. He or she understands how people use and respond to these elements, not just individually, but as the elements interact with one another. Any number of retail services and suppliers can provide and install items for the home, albeit from a limited selection of manufacturers they represent.  Some offer advice on selecting patterns and materials for furnishings, or on arranging these items and accessories in a room, but when you hire an interior designer, you get the benefit of an experienced professional who can solve problems, help you avoid costly construction and finish mistakes, and create an attractive space suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

Professional interior designers can do so much more than recommend furniture, fabrics and colors. They have a creative eye and artistic flair, but that’s only the beginning. In addition to their in‐depth knowledge of furnishings, finishes, lighting, and codes, professional designers have the training and expertise to execute, schedule, and manage your project from start to finish.  Designers also provide specification and purchasing services to procure materials, furniture, accessories and art, some of which you might not be able to find on your own. Among the many areas of expertise which a professional designer commands, the utilization, organization and planning of space ranks high with clients who are overwhelmed with the decisions required to make a move into their new or refurbished home.